More Mandarin (or rather bilingual) learning aids!

Last Saturday I got the term booklet (which shows what will be taught for the term) from Alicia’s teachers and I started to conceptualise how I wanted to do up the learning aids for this term. Last term, I only did up the cards for the chinese words taught for the term but I thought I should also try to reinforce the concepts and words taught for the English segment. So after much deliberation, here’s what I came up with:
The Chinese and English words are both velcro-ed onto the card so that it gives me the option to just cover the words for one language at a time. According to one of Alicia’s chinese teachers, it’s better to just teach a concept in Chinese rather than provide an English translation of the concept immediately after telling her the Chinese equivalent. This is to prevent the child from thinking in English and translating concepts into Mandarin later on – which is what I do actually… 😀
Anyway, I chose to velcro both sets of words on the card for easy storage and when I want to teach the English words, I just remove the chinese ones and vice versa. I think it should work nicely for us for the term! 🙂
Here’s Alicia getting acquainted with the word cards:
Hop over to Simply Mommie’s Precious Handmades to view other interesting learning aids! 🙂
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