Julia Gabriel PlayClub (Term 2 Week 4)

This is the first Saturday that I’ve had to bring Alicia for class on my own since we started her at Julia Gabriel. Well that’s because my hubby has reservice and hence we had to go there by cab and back. I was a little apprehensive at first because I was afraid that it would be difficult to get a cab from Evans Road on a Saturday, but thank God, everything worked out well and I got my cab within 5 minutes of waiting by the roadside. She misbehaved in the cab on the way home but that’s another story…

We were late again for class – it seems that it has become habitual. I do hope that we can put a stop to this bad habit of turning up late for class. I’ve never liked to make an entrance and now with a kid, I still don’t. Plus, I don’t really like to disrupt the class…

Anyway, Princess couldn’t get up this morning and instead of concentrating on eating her breakfast (chocolate bread), she was pinching her bread, poking the chocolate filling with her finger……. doing everything possible to make us even later for class. And when I finally stopped her from her nonsense and ate up the rest of the bread, she was of course furious and started throwing a tantrum. Knowing that she’d not agree to drink any water in that state (and I really wanted her to drink some fluids after that chocolate bread), I decided to nurse her although we were already late. Of all days, someone took longer than her usual ‘sip’ at the breast and made us even later for class.

When we arrived, the teachers were just about to demonstrate the art work for the day. Here’s Alicia’s work:

She simply loves to sprinkle glitter and it took me a long time to coax her to stop sprinkling glitter…

Anyway, today’s lesson’s focus is on ‘apple’ and so during Magicbox time, the children were each given a slice of apple to eat. As usual, Alicia was last to finish – in fact, she gave up the last small bit to me coz she wanted to participate in the ‘apple-plucking’ activity that was going on (one of the teachers ‘dressed up’ as an apple tree and had ‘apples’ on her for the children to pluck and put into a basket). The way Alicia reacted to the teacher – the inquisitive look as she took in the sight coupled with the running back to me hurriedly yet still ever so cheekily to ‘tell’ me what she had seen – was really cute. Children are so amusing really.

As usual, she was last to finish the snacks today and eventually I took the plate and cup away from her so that she could participate in the lesson’s song and dance segment. Maybe she was upset with me for doing that because she kept throwing tantrums during that segment. Even when they were singing her favourite song ‘Skimerink’, she didn’t do the actions or sing along as she normally would. The only song she decided to participate in was ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’. Sigh.

Outdoor play was sandplay today and she refused to play with the sand – as usual. And so she ran around in the playground in the sweltering heat, ‘cooked up’ some ‘dishes’ in the play-kitchen and that wrapped up today’s lesson!

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