Crockpot chicken wings stew for the toddler!

I marinated the chicken wings the night before yesterday and hence I had to find some way to cook it without stinking up the machine-load of clothes that was drying in my kitchen. I figured that the crockpot would be the way out for me and so voila! Crockpot chicken wings stew was Alicia’s dinner last night. 🙂
It’s much oilier than the previous crockpot chicken stew I made for her simply because in the other recipe, I used chicken fillet (which has no skin). Anyway, because it was a last minute decision to cook this and ingredients are seriously starting to run out in my pantry (thank God that my mum is here today so I can go marketing in peace!), I was secretly hoping that the stew would turn out fine – and it did. Phew.
Crockpot chicken wings stew for the tot

  • 2 chicken midwings
  • 2T diced carrot
  • 2-3T diced potato
  • 2-3T diced sweet potato
  • 2 shallots, sliced thinly (I had wanted to fry this but the clothes hanging over my head were a constant reminder that I had to do what was rational)
  • water

  1. Place all the ingredients into the crockpot (the wings are to be put in last).
  2. Pour water into the crockpot such that it almost covers the wings.
  3. Slowcook for 2-3hours and you get a very savory sweet stock as well! 😀

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