Atlantis City@Delta

I’ve been wanting to bring Alicia to Atlantis City@Delta for awhile already but due to her schedule, I’ve been unable to do so. Today I finally managed to and I’m glad I brought her because it made both mummy and toddler happy! 😀
She was rather apprehensive at first but warmed up quickly to the place and towards the end of the hour, she was squealing in excitement at the smallest thing and she even did a double turn and started dancing to the song that was playing in the background at one point (unfortunately, I didn’t manage to capture this moment in time).
Anyway, here are the photos I took of her at the place:

I can swing myself on this double swing…

… and so can I on this swing!
I love this swing too!

*Posing for a photo* 🙂
Will this pose do, mummy?

I’m having so much fun mummy!

Back home for lunch with a very hot and sweaty mummy!

*took soooo long to take a shot with her and this is the best I managed!*

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2 Responses to Atlantis City@Delta

  1. Mama Bliss says:

    hey looks like both of you had fun! 🙂 We like the Atlantis City too!!

  2. Angie says:

    Haha… yup! The thing is I live sooo near to it and yet this is the first time I've brought her there! 😀

    We actually chanced upon it some time back (before I was pregnant with Alicia) coz we used to play badminton at Delta sports hall. Then I forgot all about it till I saw your pics of your kids there! 🙂

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