Trying to wear shoes…

Alicia’s been trying to wear her shoes lately… here’s a short clip… (she hasn’t succeeded yet)
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  1. Jumpy says:

    lol jumpy has been trying to do that since last mth! She has a different way of doing though.. she will sit down and then try to wear her shoes.. she has suceeded wearing normal shoes but not her boots so recently she is trying to wear the boots instead hehe. maybe its more challenging for her.

  2. Angie says:

    lol… Alicia did try to wear her shoes earlier but she didn't have much patience.. once she gets fedup she'll just give up! Recently she's a bit more patient so I managed to get it on video…

  3. Jumpy says:

    jumpy.. she is addicted to shoes recently. not only her but ours also! she will bring the shoes into the house n put on the tables! faint..then try to wear my heels.. she can pratically sit at the entrance for ages trying to wear her shoes.. think she has the 'never say die' attitude to things. stubborn like me n her daddy. lol. good n bad la.. throw tantrums also never give in kind. tats

  4. Angie says:

    Actually alicia's shoes are really quite difficult to wear coz of the cutting but we didn't have a choice when we bought it coz her feet are just too small and the other design which has her size has an even higher cut. Even when we put on this pair of shoes for her, it takes awhile to stuff her feet in! hahahaha… Anyway, I think she may be growing out of this pair soon coz it's getting increasingly difficult to stuff her foot in!

  5. Jumpy says:

    lol jumpy is growing out of her first few pairs of shoes i bought for her too.. so recently ive been buying new shoes for her.. she cant wear those old shoes with socks but its so cold now so she need new shoes! lol. even without socks, i need to kind of squeeze her feet into those old shoes.. think its time to keep them for the 2nd! lol.

    jumpy has some easy to wear shoes n some really difficult to wear ones.. its so hard to buy shoes for her cos she has super tiny feet PLUS they are super thick! fat n short feet lol
    so some shoes she can fit in but too loose.. then some shoes her feet cant even squeeze in though the length is ok….

  6. Angie says:

    Can you believe that since Alicia's started walking, she's still wearing the same pair of shoes? haha… 😀 So many other pairs of shoes waiting for her in the shoe cupboard! lol…

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