The letter C – collage cum word-pic matching game

I finally stuck the velcro onto the pieces yesterday and here’s how the collage looks like upon completion… all ready for my little one!:

*Hop over to Simply Mommie’s Precious Handmades to view this learning aid and other interesting learning aids! :)*

My cutie-pie fiddling with the components of the collage last night:

Anyway, she seems to love some of the pictures… I have been unable to find where she hid the pic of the cherries… she was so in love with it last night and kept bringing it around with her… now I can’t find it! Sigh. Anyway, other pictures she loves are the cookies (she pretends to munch on them), the car (she goes “嘟嘟) and the comb (she pretends to comb her hair with it).
The criteria for the choice of words that make up this collage:
(i) common everyday words that begin with the letter C
(ii) includes all the different sounds of the letter C (/k/ as in caterpillar, /s/ as in cymbals, /tʃ/ as in cherries).
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