The letter B (Part II)

I finally got down to finishing up some stuff I’ve been putting off! I was lying on the sofa taking a rest just now but the unfinished materials kept bugging me so I decided to get it done once and for all…
Here’s the collage cum matching activity set for the letter B…
and a ‘button’-pasting activity… velcro’s indeed very useful… (but I wish it’s cheaper!!)
Anyway, the best part about the A3 backing sheet of this word-pic matching activity set is that I’ve made it to accomodate the words and pics of the alphabets, so it’s not just used for teaching the letter B. Materials are really expensive so it’s definitely important for me to make sure that materials can be, as far as possible, reused for another activity! 😀

And here’s the bookmark that she painted the other day (which turned out really pretty):

Left: letting the bookmarks dry after the fingerpainting (or rather her hands)
Right: the completed bookmark (made by pasting the two coloured sheets together) and a letter B sticker pasted on both sides

And here’s Alicia playing with the button-pasting activity with the collage in the background… She was definitely more interested in the penguin!! well… who wouldn’t? 🙂

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