The letter B Lapbook

Since we’re officially moving on the letter C, I thought it’s time to do up the letter B lapbook so that we can file the teaching materials up nicely and neatly. So here’s how the letter B lapbook looks like:

This is the cover of the file: I cut out the upper and lower case of the letter B from her art work. This is one way in which to make use of all those pieces of art that are clogging up the house… lol. I like using her art work to decorate stuff… I feel that it gives a special touch. 😀
Here’s what’s inside the file:

I couldn’t fit in the pictures and words into one envelope so I have two envelopes for the word-pic matching game cum collage. There’s also the bookmark which she painted which I’ve stored into a plastic holder which is stuck on the file. And there’s that penguin-button game I made for her, stuck onto the file using velcro so that it can be removed anytime if she wants to play with it.

The butterfly toilet paper roll craft obviously can’t fit into the lapbook so it’s still sitting on my TV console… 😀

And that’s all for the letter B! 🙂 Moving on!
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  1. Mom says:

    I love the idea of cutting the letters out of her art work. That's such a great idea.

    I'm new to lapbooks, so I'm doing some research. I will probably use that idea in some of our books!

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