The last two Mandarin PlayClub lessons…

It’s time to say goodbye to our friends and teachers at Mandarin PlayClub since today’s Alicia’s last Mandarin lesson… we arrived very late for class today – the latest ever! – because Alicia woke up early this morning so she fell asleep again at the 10am milk feed…
You can view photos of her first experience with ‘face painting’ here.
Here’s the art work she did for the week:

And there was a ‘graduation ceremony’ at the end of class where the kids went forward to collect their ‘graduation certificate’… surprisingly, Alicia went forward on her own… she has not done so willingly without having me go up with her so far for all Mandarin and Bilingual lessons so far!
It’s actually a A4 booklet where there’s a piece of artwork they did in one of the weeks… (can’t rem which week though)…
and there’s a photo which we took during Parents Chat… can you spot us? 😀

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