New (Fisherprice) toy car!!! 嘟嘟! Vroom Vroom!

After our trip to Siloso beach today, we went to 1 Lok Yang Way for the Mattel warehouse sale (you can read the details of the sale in my Chatterbox on the right column)… Of coz we were there mainly for the toy car that she’s been wanting so badly these few days… she keeps sitting on her pooh bear and going “嘟嘟”!
When we finally found the toy car (Fisherprice), there was a choice of pink or green… there wasn’t much to choose really. Pink vs green. It wasn’t hard to choose at all… 😀
Anyway, she kept going “嘟嘟” non-stop after she saw me with the car and she kept indicating that she wanted it! 😀 We knew it was definitely the right buy!
Here she is, checking out her spanking new car at home!:

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