My adorable little mouse!

It’s the last day of Mandarin PlayClub for the term and it’s the last lesson for Alicia too since she’s only gonna continue with the Bilingual PlayClub next term. Hence, to spice up the partying mood, the teacher drew a mousey face on Alicia – which is really quite appropriate since she’s born in the year of the rat. Isn’t she cute? 😀
The ironic part was that she was meowing on her way home… such a strange little mouse…
Anyway, I managed to capture some cute shots of her after I got home from Julia Gabriel today:
Here she is, playing with the learning aid for the letter B at home just before lunch:

And here she is, playing with the cutlery in her chair before I got some noodles from my packet of wanton mee for her… such a playful mouse! (ooh, did I mention that I can actually get her to sit in her chair for meals now? 🙂 )

squeak squeak! 😀

The little mouse seriously eating noodles and Heinz beef casserole (and watching Sesame Street):
Here’s when she got bored self-feeding so I gave her some beans to entertain her (read more about this activity in an earlier post):

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