JG PlayClub (Term 1 Week 9)

Mandarin lessons were fine this week though she’s still trying to enter the English PlayClub classroom whenever we reach JG and she would refuse to enter the Mandarin classroom. It’s always with much coaxing on the part of the teachers that she’d enter – or if I just enter the classroom and leave her standing at the door (she’d run in after me so that works). Term’s ending next week so there are just two more lessons to go!

Anyway, today during the singing session, she performed the actions of Itsy Bitsy Spider (sung in Mandarin of course – I’m sure she didn’t understand a word of it) in front of the class, much to the amazement of everybody coz even the older kids can’t do it correctly in sequence. 😀 *happy mummy*
The theme this week is Gold (as in the colour) so here are her masterpieces:

She loved the bell! And she played with it all the way home on Wed and she even said “bell” a few times when she was playing with it in the cab. The surprising thing is that I didn’t tell her that that was a bell so she’s already grasped the concept of ‘bell’ when I was teaching her using the letter B word-pic cards! Anyway, by the time we got home, most of the ‘gold’ from the bell had fallen off…
She also enjoyed playing with the ‘handbag’ and on the way home in the cab, she tore out the string from the paper plate in her attempt to ‘wear’ the bag over her head…. haha.
Here are her masterpieces from the Bilingual PlayClub (a fan and a bunch of keys):

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