JG PlayClub (27/3)

Last Saturday was Alicia’s first lesson of Term 2 at Julia Gabriel. The usual instructor was on reservice so there was a stand-in teacher for the day. Honestly, that lesson really made me appreciate the wonderful lessons Alicia has been having. Truly, a teacher is the one that makes all the difference to a lesson taught. Storytime has never been so boring and never have I seen anyone tell a story like that. She stumbled over the words and it seemed to me that she didn’t know the story very well at all (read: poor lesson preparation). Furthermore, I couldn’t see any link between the chosen storybook (about a pony) and the theme for the week (noodles). I thought it’d be commonsense that a teacher should choose something relevant, something pertaining to what needs to be emphasised for the lesson. I mean, even if the story didn’t centre around noodles, they could have at least chosen a book that centres around something starting with the letter ‘n’ since that’s the emphasis for the week. I was really disappointed with the storytelling and I think most people would have been able to do a better job. Anyway, nobody was paying attention during the English storytelling because it just didn’t manage to get the kids’ attention. In contrast, the Chinese drama section was fabulous – there was audience participation as well as direct relevance to the theme.

Anyway, we were very late for class that day and when we arrived, it was already time to do art so we’d missed the indoor freeplay session, the funpass and magicbox segments. Here’s Alicia’s art for the day: a plate of kway teow and a plate of noodles 😀
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