Bilingual PlayClub (Term 1 Graduation)

Today’s the last lesson of the term for Bilingual PlayClub and so the kids had their ‘graduation ceremony’. Yesterday Alicia ‘graduated’ once already but I didn’t have my camera with me… today I got my hubby to take a video of her when she went up to receive her ‘certificate’. She was very keen to go up to collect it on her own and she was all excited about it after that… 🙂
Here are some photos of her eating during party time:

It’s yummy mummy…

And here’s her art for the day (a pull-along art piece of a boat, truck and car and two motorcycles that can revolve on the plate):
and here are the mementoes (a photo taken after Parents Chat and her graduation ‘certificate’ which comes along with one of her pieces of art):

Can you spot us? 🙂
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