The letter B (Part I)

I came across this cute craft idea and since I had a toilet paper roll on hand that day, I went ahead to make the butterfly for Alicia. The original idea is to let the child make the butterfly but since Alicia’s still young and immature – she’d definitely tear up the butterfly parts even before we start pasting it on the roll – I decided to laminate the parts and let her piece the butterfly together (and take it apart too) by using velcro! She looked at it at first, took it apart then suddenly she realised that it was a butterfly and she started flapping her hands like they were wings and started saying “fu fu fu”… 😀

Here she is, playing with stickers… trying to make a letter B. But she was rather grouchy that day… so we didn’t finish the activity… besides, she’s still really hung up on ‘A’… haha…

Look at my pouty princess…
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