Music Appreciation

I read from a blog recently that for music appreciation, it is recommended that a young child starts to listen to a composer’s music continuously for half an hour for a period of four months before changing to another composer’s music. So I started Alicia on Handel’s Water Music since 2/2/10 and she simply loves it… she sways to the music and gets all hyped up during the grand parts. 🙂

Besides letting her listen to classical music, I actually prepared these keyboard cards much much earlier – at about the time I sent her for the trial class at Staccato, but I just laminated them with my spanking new laminating machine… hehe. 🙂 I’ve got another set of note recognition cards that aren’t ready yet. I’ll get that done soon… but there’s no real hurry. Heh.

*If you’d like to purchase this set of teaching materials, please drop me an email at or leave me a msg at the Chatterbox! 🙂
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