JG PlayClub (13/2/10)

As expected, the turnout for today’s lesson was bad, similar to yesterday’s lesson. Hehe. As a result, my hubby was allowed to join in the class in the last half hour of lesson since there were only eight students today.

I dolled Alicia up in a pretty red Oriental dress my mother-in-law bought for CNY since this week they’re supposed to dress in red and in their CNY outfits. Yesterday, I dolled her up in last year’s CNY romper (fortunately it still fits… haha… we don’t have that many oriental-style clothes for her). Anyway, the red dress was supposed to be worn on the first day of new year but my mum had bought a beautiful Korean-looking satin dress for Alicia and she looked sooooo dainty that we had a change of plans. Hehehehe.

My little TV addict watching TV before going to class…

Back to the topic.

Today’s art:

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