JG Mandarin PlayClub (12/2/10)

We were the first to arrive for the 11.30am class today! The English and Mandarin PlayClub teachers were all awaiting the students as they expected that the turnout would be bad today. For the longest time, we thought that Alicia might be the only child for the day! And the teachers were discussing that mabbe they’d have a Bilingual class! 😀 Anyway, in the end, we had a grand total of 5 students in our Mandarin class and so there was very individualised attention today. GREAT! Hehehe.

Alicia seemed to enjoy herself more today and was more relaxed. She even played with the glue during art time and I allowed her to do so… afterall, she needs to wash her hands after art anyway… so no harm letting her have a little tactile exploration. 😀 But she took it a bit far and put her hand in her mouth while on the way to the toilet! Fortunately, it’s non-toxic.
Here’s the CNY art:

Today’s snack was quite special: buffet-style. The teachers laid out the food JG prepared as well as the new year goodies the mummies brought along for the day on the table and we helped the children take what we felt was suitable for them and the kids will take the plate back to the table on their own (with a little help of coz). So since new year goodies are all heaty, I only allowed alicia to eat the JG food. Haha. Ok, and half a small kueh…

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