JG Bilingual PlayClub (20/2)

As usual, sat’s class her favourite class so she enjoyed herself tremendously. Haha… all the music and movement (the music’s really much better in this class: there’s a guitarist and the music’s really less dissonant in this class overall though sometimes the keyboardist does a lousy job too), and I think most importantly, there’s a language she can comprehend… haha. 😀

Her art work this week was supposed to be about using the round sponges to make little circles to form familiar objects such as an orange, an apple etc. But Alicia decided that her theme for the week’s to have all the fun she can get with paint and it was really a pleasure to see her derive soooo much pleasure from painting with her hands (after painting with the sponges). Even the teachers decided to splash more paint on her hands and her drawing block since she was having so much fun and they were really glad that she wasn’t afraid of the texture of paint or of getting dirty as many other children do usually. Anyway, the end product’s never really the concern at JG – it’s the experience that counts. And that’s in line with what I think too – and so I just let her be.

Here’s her abstract art:

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