I’m down again! ARRRRGHHH

Sigh. I’m down with a bad sore throat and flu again. This is irritating. Very irritating. It’s only been a few weeks since I recovered and now… sigh. Must be too much cny goodies and chocolates… My throat was so bad last night I couldn’t fall asleep till I used Difflam to gargle and totally numb the throat… 🙁 and my nose is blocked. This seems to be a really strong bug. Hopefully, I don’t pass the bug to Alicia… feeling a bit worried coz I shared some food with her in the morning yesterday before the pain and all set in.

Anyway, this week’s Daddies’ Week at JG so I’m home today while Alicia’s at class with hubby. I was supposed to tag along to help out during the washing up but since I’m sick, I’d better stay away in case I pass the bug to the little ones there… Wonder how they’re coping without me… Alicia’s never been to class without having me around at all… I’d at least be with her in the car or during break time… hehe.
I’d better go start vacuuming the floor now before I go to the clinic…
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