Development in the 16th month (Oct 09)

Started really walking on 12 Oct.
Last incisor out (I forgot to record when the other 2 lateral incisors emerged…)
Word count:
7) cat: said “cat” when reading her book and can point to a cat and say “cat” on 25 Oct.
8) no: said her first “NO” on 13 Oct while shaking her head and waving her hand at the same time to communicate her preference
9) quack: said “quack” when pointing to a duck in the book,
10) dog: said “dog” when reading (30 Oct)
11) drum: said “drum” when reading (31 Oct)

Can nod and shake head very well by 1 Oct to indicate her preferences.
Can pick out the right flashcards when asked (23 Oct).
Showed ability to understand limits: stopped at the ‘forbidden corner’ in the bedroom, said “no” and waved her hand, then walked past it 😀
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