Development in the 13th-15th month (July – Sept 09)


Alicia started calling ‘mamma’ and ‘daddy’ specifically (well, most of the time!) shortly after her first birthday.

And on 17Aug 09, it was the first time she responded to requests of calling ‘mamma’ and ‘daddy’.
Her 6th word
She referred to herself as “cia” (pronounced as ‘sher’) on 5 Sept 09 as we tend to call her that instead of “Alicia”. Hehe..
Her top central incisors emerged on 12 Aug and the lower left lateral incisor emerged on 27 Sept.
She showed off her climbing prowess by climbing up our sofa (which is quite high) on 6 Aug 09.
Took 1 firm, independent step without stumbling on 28 Aug 09.
Took 2-3 firm steps on 14 Sept.
Fine motor skills
I started exposing Alicia to the doodle board when she was young but of course she wasn’t keen or interested in holding the ‘pen’. But on 16 Aug 09 (1 month after her first birthday), she decided that she wanted to hold the pen and doodle away! And there has been no end to that ever since! 😀

Alicia started imitating (or at least in my records) since 14 July 09. And she started displaying her ‘love’ for doing housework on 15 July 09 as that was when she started to imitate me wiping the floor. She’d just grab a tissue or cloth and start wiping the floor or table… and she’s even more fond of doing this these days (at 19mths). Haha.
On 28 Sept, Alicia also learnt to shake her head to indicate that she doesn’t want something.
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