The latest book craze

Yup, this is it. The latest book that she’s crazy about. She now insists on reading this book over and over. And yes, she loves it more than “Jesus is Born” now, though over these few days, she’s beginning to show a strong liking for both; it used to be just “Hermie” this, “Hermie” that and “Hermie” ALL the time when she first got the book. There was one night, I swear, I read this book at least 10 times over.
Anyway, this book was given to her by my friend when we went to his place last Monday. It kinda slipped our minds when we reached home but at night, when she saw it on the dining table, she kept pointing at it and shouting “that” and so I read the book to her that night. She was mesmerised and sat through the whole story. After the story ended, she still sat there, waiting. As if she was expecting something more. She’s so adorable!
Anyway, there are a few concepts and words that she has come to show understanding of and she demonstrated these when I read the book to her. For instance, she can repeat the word “Wow” when it occurs in the book and she can flip to that page that contains the word and say it correctly. Also, when we come across the word “up”, she raises her hands up in the air and when we read the word “yawn” she does the action. She’s beginning to flap her “wings” (i.e. hands) when I read that phrase since a couple of nights ago. She’s picking up things really quickly now!
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