Spinach (Phuay Leng) with abalone

This dish always makes me feel that it’s Chinese New Year. Well, it is the new year, just not the Chinese New Year. Anyway, I love abalone (you must try Calmex’s if you haven’t). Once you’ve tasted that, you probably wouldn’t bother about other brands because these are just so sweet and juicy and the most important part is that they are tender! In case you’re wondering why I’m suddenly so generous with my ingredients in my cooking… well, that’s coz my mother-in-law just gave us two cans of Calmex abalones and gave me the green light to use it when I please! 😀 Yeah!

Spinach (Phuay Leng) with abalone


  • 1 packet of spinach
  • 1/3 can of abalone (I’ll use the rest for cooking abalone mee for lunch – pure indulgence!)
  • 1 clove garlic
  • cornflour (optional)


  1. Put the whole can of abalone (in the packaging) to boil. Once the water boils, simmer on low heat for about 2 hours (at least an hour if you’re short of time).
  2. Set aside to cool – do not open the can immediately as the can will ‘explode’ and the hot liquid will splash everywhere.
  3. Wash and pluck the spinach.
  4. Fry the garlic till fragrant.
  5. Add in the spinach.
  6. Add in some of the water from the abalone can and let the spinach simmer in it.
  7. Add in cornflour to thicken the gravy if desired.
  8. Serve.

For toddler’s consumption:

  • Serve the veggie without the abalone if the texture is too difficult to handle for the toddler.
  • Cut the veggie into small toddler bite-sizes before serving to prevent choking.

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