Of Alicia and Snowbears

Snowbears go back a long way and they used to be my ‘babies’ before I had Alicia. Now Alicia’s my ‘snowbear’ and my snowbears are her ‘babies’. 😀

You must be wondering at this point, what the hell are snowbears? Well, they’re this bunch of cute, cuddly polar bears with small, beady eyes and they look so adorable that I think they’re the cutest soft toys I’ve ever had. I do so believe that Alicia shares my sentiments.

Here’s my collection of snowbears (before Alicia came into our lives):

Here’s a photo I took of Alicia with the snowbears when she was a few months old:

And here’s a video I took of Alicia last night, walking around with one of the snowbears in hand. It’s currently her favourite toy and she’s become so attached to it that if I take it away from her she’d scream and cry, shout “that” continuously while pointing at snowbear till I return it to her. It is mentioned in babycenter that 50% of babies at 16mths will be attached to a soft toy or object. Apparently Alicia only really displayed such attachment to one of the snowbears on the very first day of 2010!

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