JG PlayClub (16/1/09)

Alicia was slightly more attentive this week at class. She still didn’t manage to sit quietly to listen to the teachers but at least she ran around less often. And she still cried whenever it was time to put away the toys or whatever it was that was going on at the time. Needless to say, when it came to the end of the swimming session, she cried herself silly – but so did a few others. The instructor commented, ‘that’s what swimming does to kids’. 😀

As usual, she was last to finish during snack time and that wasn’t because she ate a lot or asked for more helpings. She picked at the raisins, biscuits and watermelon, and only finished the watermelon and a couple of biscuits. And she tried the apple juice there but I think it was too concentrated and too sour for her to accept. She as usual, tried to place her hand into the cup to play with the juice instead…

Alicia was very fascinated with painting this week. She wouldn’t let go of her paint brush. She had two assignments to finish but she had to hurry through the second one because she just refused to give up painting and move on to the next task. She painted not just the paper plate: she painted herself, her T-shirt, shorts, the chair and hubby too. Fortunately I was around to clean her up after that. 😀
The pieces of art are a bit spoilt (they stuck together) because the paint wasn’t dry yet when we were supposed to bring them home. Well, someone had splashed a whole dollop of paint on the paper plate so the paint didn’t get to dry properly before it was time to go home… In the end, the teacher had to place a piece of tissue on the art work so we could bring it home without smudging our hands any further.
The word of the week is ‘Boat’ hence the art work revolves around boats! 🙂

The boats are all supposed to be standing upright on the ‘waters’ but they got flattened and there’s only 1 surviving boat…

She loves to do the action for ‘Row, row, row your boat’ now because she did quite a lot of that in class… And as usual, she loved the sing along session at the end of class and I guess that’s the part that she participated most happily in in the classroom!

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