Since I only started this blog not too long ago, almost all of Alicia’s milestones and achievements are gonna be super backdated posts. In fact, I realise that I only have records of her milestones and such from Jan 09 coz that was when my hubby got a PDA phone for me to record everything about her, from feeding time to the amount of food she eats for meals, diaper changes etc. Before that, I relied on a notebook, penning everything down manually. But I think I had only time enough (and energy too), for just noting down feeding time and the number of hours she slept. To me then, that was what mattered I guess.

Anyway, the first time I noted down that she flipped from back to tummy was on the 21st Jan. Kinda late I know. But well, that’s the earliest record I have of her flipping since I only started recording down stuff about her since 1 Jan 09. And on 2nd Feb, she mastered flipping both ways and started using rolling around as a means of getting around and to things she wanted to lay her hands on. She’s come a long way since, isn’t it? 🙂

Here’s a video I tried to capture of her flipping around in the early days. She kept still whenever I took out the videocam and flipped only when I kept it. Hence, I managed to get the end of one of the flips in this video. Other videos I took were of a smiling baby who just simply refused to flip despite all my cajoling!

You can tell she wasn’t very pleased with me for filming her flipping in this other video:

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2 Responses to Flipper!

  1. skinnybeanie says:

    My little one flipped from back to tummy at 4 months 1 week but it wasn't till he was 5.5 months that he tried to flip from tummy to back.
    I remember the ecstacy when he first flipped – I was happy it was before my maternity leave ended and I got to witness it and also, I had demonstrated to him that day since he was showing some signs of interest in flipping and it took him a whole 10 minutes to complete the flip and I was cheering him hoarse! Could tell he was equally ecstatic though slightly confused. 🙂

  2. Angie says:

    Haha, flipping seems so distant to me now… But yes, their achievements make our day! 🙂

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