Christmas Eve 09

Christmas eve evening was spent at my mum’s place where we mingled, ate delish food, sang Christmas carols, ate mouth-watering food… ooh, did I mention eat again? Lots of eating took place that evening and I ate my fill without feeling guilty coz I climbed 60 storeys before going over to my mum’s. I knew I was gonna feast so I’d better ‘walk’ for my supper first so I could eat to my heart’s content…

This year, alongside my mummy’s absolutely yummy home-cooked food, my aunty ordered roast beef and two types of ham from Hyatt… and we also had two logcakes, of which one was an ice-cream cake. Honestly, I’m not sure why we needed to have two cakes when one would have sufficed, but oh well, I ate both anyway and they were nice and I’m certainly not complaining. 😀

Here’s a snapshot of what Alicia busied herself with that day during the party:

She usually hates to wear sunglasses or anything for that matter, on her head. But as you can see, she’s very contentedly wearing my niece’s sunglasses on her head.

I should be getting more photos of the Christmas party from my cousin some time in the future and I’ll probably just upload them in this post. 🙂

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