Christmas book from grandaunt!

Alicia got this very beautifully-illustrated book about The First Christmas on Christmas eve from my aunty. She has been so in love with this book since Christmas and will keep bringing the book to hubby and I to read to her. When I want to have a change of books, she’d insist on reading the same book over and over again. Toddlers…. Anyway, she’s really good at sitting through a story these days and believe it or not, she managed to sit through the whole book before moving off to do something else!

Anyway, she loves to hear us make the animal sounds whenever we point out the animals to her and will imitate the sounds we make. She’s gotten quite good at this and can “mehhhhh” like the sheep (this she learned from reading this book), “meow” like the cat (ok, she learnt this from both the book and watching her Sesame Street DVDs) – one wonders why there’s a cat in the stable but that’s besides the point, and cluck (she goes “pak pak pak”) like a chicken. 🙂 When we point to the baby, she’d put her hands to her eyes and pretend to cry like a baby (something she picked up during JG PlayNest last year and reinforced by me at home whenever I sing “The Wheels on the Bus”). She’s becoming so cute and responsive to our teaching!
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