Alicia’s worst fall ever… and the power of breast milk (and latching)!

Late last night, just before Alicia went to bed, she fell down as she was playing near our bed. She was smiling cheekily at me before I turned away and the next thing I knew, she fell. Hubby witnessed the fall and told me that she had slipped and hit her face against the edge of the bedframe. Thinking that it was no big deal as falls are not out of the ordinary, we just did a routine check to find out if she was really hurt.

This time round, she was really hurt.

There was a deep cut in her mouth and the cut spanned all the way to the exterior of the top of the right lip. Poor gal. She was bleeding and this is the first time she’s bled so much from a fall. Her cheek and the area around the lip became very swollen. Hubby kept asking me how to stop the bleeding and if there was anything we could apply to help the blood stop gushing out. Well, the only thing I could think of was to latch her on and she was looking for me to latch on to too so that’s what we did.

Miraculously, she stopped crying, the bleeding stopped and the swelling went down by a lot and she was smiling and laughing when she unlatched herself. 🙂 I know that breast milk has healing properties but we’re constantly being astounded by the power of breast milk and the comfort latching can offer to our little one. Breast milk seems to be some antidote for Alicia’s falls. 😀

Though people may criticise the use of the breast as a source of comfort, I believe that it is perfectly fine to do so for now since she’s still so young. Of course, it has to stop one day and she has to learn other ways to calm herself down and soothe her pain but for now, let’s not expect too much of a young toddler who’s still got so much else to learn. And meanwhile, I believe Alicia and I both enjoy that bond between us. 🙂

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