The JG Lessons – Thurs (26/11)

The fourth day at JG was another challenging day for me – outdoor play that day was SWIMMING. I’ve never handled her alone when she swims so I was a bit apprehensive about how I would cope. Anyway, she was the only one who was donned in full swimwear for the outdoor play session. I was afraid that she would catch a cold if she wore just her swim diaper in so I let her wear her thermal swimsuit (which she usually wears when she goes swimming). Anyway, she was more reserved than usual during the swim session – I guess it’s due to the fact that she had to share the tub with a couple of other kids. She usually has a large area to wander around in the baby pool but that day, it was just a simple tub with toys which she could play with. Handling Alicia after the swim proved to be ok after all as the instructor helped me while I changed her. Yet another exciting day at JG!

Art that day was challenging too. The children were asked to paint with their bare hands and the main task that day was to blend the colours with their hands. Earlier on in the course, they used the sponge and a feather, but that day, they were asked to use their hands so that they could have a new sensory experience. It was a HUGE mess – and I guess no one needed a crystal ball to foretell that. But well, I let her do it. She did well I must say and she blended the colours really nicely on the pre-cut flamingo. Here’s a picture of all the art pieces she did at JG for the holiday course (and as you can tell already, the flamingo’s my favourite):

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