The JG Lessons – Sat (28/11)

As Friday was a public holiday, the last day of the holiday class was held on Saturday. That meant that most parents could join their kids for the lesson – but not that many turned up though. Anyway, my hubby went along that day to experience the lesson for himself.

That day, as it was the last day of the course, there was no art segment but we had a puppet show in place of it. It was fun for the kids who love soft toys like Alicia (those who didn’t ended up crying through the whole puppet show) and at the end of the puppet show, they were allowed to go up and play with the puppets. Alicia, if i remember correctly, took the baby owls and trotted back to us happily.

After that was snack time and they had crisp brown rice. This was a new snack to her but she still ate it rather happily. She ate so slowly though and she was last to get ready for water play. As we were afraid that she would catch a chill if she were to only wear her diapers and play with water, we let her participate in the activity with her dress still on. She had a whole tub of water with toys to play on her own as not many children wanted to participate in the water play that day.

Here’s Alicia playing at the end of the water play session:

The kids weren’t supposed to enter the tubs of water but since alicia had the whole tub to herself, when she climbed in, the instructors were ok with her doing so. She even helped to keep the toys in her tub. Haha…

We really had an enjoyable time that week at Julia Gabriel and we’re looking forward to PlayClub next year! 🙂

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