The Christmas ball

If you think you’ve seen the largest Christmas ball of your life, think again. The huge Christmas ornament at T3, Changi Airport, which opens up playing some music every half hour interval from 6am-midnight (if my memory does not fail me), releases some balls for children to play some game at the end when it closes and becomes a huge ball again, is quite a sight (at least when it opens), though it doesn’t seem that big in contrast to the vast space at the airport. I thought it should play some Christmas carols when it opens, but it doesn’t – or at least when it opened at the time I was there, it ain’t Christmas carols I heard. Nevertheless, Alicia had quite some fun there and I captured some videos of her (and the ball – but mainly her):

The ball’s opening!

Climbing up the platform (which is what is disallowed actually, but we only realised it later)

Playing with the balls after the end of the game

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