Quietly eating her breakfast

Recently, as Alicia has rejected other breakfast items like pancakes, bread and fried egg (probably coz it’s teething season), I’ve been giving her a mixture of whole grain healthy snacks which she eats like toddler cereal in the morning (but without the milk). She has her milk later from me after she finishes the bowl of whole grains. 🙂

I’ve been giving her the whole grains in this pink bowl so she has already come to identify the pink bowl with her yummy whole grains. Once I ‘set the table’ for her (i.e. put the pink bowl on the blue tray), she’d just sit down and eat her breakfast quietly. Sometimes after sitting down for awhile, she gets bored, so she shifts herself, and the bowl of course, to the coffee table, where she would stand and continue eating. Almost every time, she will explore what happens when she tilts the bowl or turns it upside down. I try not to be annoyed and will get her to help to pick up the pieces of food and return it to the bowl. When I sit down with her to eat the food, I will give her a spoon to try to self-feed. Well, it’s easier to start getting her to self-feed ‘dry’ foods definitely as it’s less messy!

Here’s a video of her quietly eating breakfast on her own:

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