Play time at Terminal 3

As Alicia usually wakes up late from nap and takes dinner late, most of the time we can’t make it to normal shopping centres for a walk. Hence, sometimes we end up going to the airport as it has a vast space for her to toddle around and it’s generally safe because we can easily find a huge space for her to toddle and there’s hardly anyone else around to bump into.

Here’s a video of her toddling around wildly while we took a rest at the seats provided:

There are a few water features at T3 which she likes and so far we’ve captured her reactions to a couple of them. It also has a playground for toddlers up to 5 years old. Unfortunately, there are too many over-aged children running around and playing there, and they are totally oblivious to the little ones who are also playing at the playground. Well, the worst thing is that the parents of these children do not even bother to stop their children from being hazards to the little toddlers – for whom the playground is built! Having a playground at the airport terminal’s a great feature really; it’s inconsiderate people who spoil all the fun.

Here’s what she did the other day when we brought her to the airport (T3).

Checking out the water feature then running to the playground:

Trying to climb into the water feature!:

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