It’s great to be a mummy!

This is really a random post of mine. I thought that I would just write about how I feel being a mummy to Alicia. It’s been a fairly bumpy ride so far and in fact, it was quite arduous at first as I was plagued with breastfeeding problems at the beginning and the postnatal blues in the first month. Fortunately things picked up since then and I really began to enjoy motherhood after that…

Now that Alicia’s a toddler, she just amazes me every day with all the new things she picks up so quickly and her fast-expanding vocabulary and most importantly, how she has learnt to show great affection towards people she loves over the past few months, especially towards me.

Recently, I was really annoyed with her on one of the days during the Cameron trip as she really tested my patience by not eating proper food for almost the whole day. Actually her rejection of food started before the trip and it just worsened during the trip. I was really sick and tired of feeding the “unfeedable” one. And her grouchiness was really intolerable. I felt so negative towards her for that half a day when she misbehaved. But something that happened last night has made me feel remorseful for having harboured such bad feelings towards her.

We made a video of our trip using the VAIO Movie Maker and we were watching it on the laptop with her late last night. She was very absorbed in the movie and when there were pictures of me in the video, my hubby asked her, “who’s that?”. My little darling looked at the picture of me and then at me. We have no idea what was being processed by the little one but something in her thought process prompted her to lean over to me to hug and give me a sweet little wet kiss on the lips and subsequently, she leant over a few times during the course of the video to hug me and each time she called me “mamma” softly with her cute little voice. I was so touched by her display of affection. Just thinking about it makes my heart melt. 🙂

I feel so close to my little one now and I often marvel at the wonderful bond between parent and child, and how parents can give the child such unconditional love and feel so loved in return, just by showering the child with love.

All I can say now is that it’s really great to be a mummy.

Alicia’s “mamma”.

Nothing on earth comes close. 🙂

I love my little Alicia soooo very much.

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