A tale of two utensils

Alicia has decided that she wants to be independent recently and insisting on self-feeding is one of the most obvious ways of demonstrating this desire. Fortunately I had the foresight that this day was nearing and I bought a set of utensils for self-feeding from Toys R Us on the same day that I bought the reindeer hairband for her. I thought that it would be expensive but it’s really a great buy coz it only costs $1.90! The fork and spoon are angled so that the toddler can get the food into the mouth easily.

Here’s a pic of the fork and spoon:

Alicia has amazed me by being able to self-feed some meals so far. Her best attempt thus far I must say was the day that she self-fed a bowl of noodles for dinner when we came back from Cameron. She sat herself on the edge of the sofa at my mum’s place and ate skilfully: there was hardly any spillage despite the fact that it was the first time she was using a fork! And after she was done, she just put down the fork and went to pick up the newspapers to read. Toddlers are really amusing!

The milestone chart I got from babycenter states that a handful of kids at 14mths will be able to use a spoon or fork, 50% of toddlers would be able to use a spoon or fork by 16mths and most kids at 19mths will be able to use a spoon and fork. Well, so far it seems that she’s already able to use both the spoon and fork and honestly it’s quite a surprise to me because I don’t actually let her self-feed all that much!

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