Kindermusik Trial

I brought Alicia for trial at Kindermusik on Saturday. I had been looking forward to it but in the end, I felt that it was quite a letdown. Perhaps my expectations were too high since Kindermusik’s so well-rated. I was expecting the lesson to be more educational musically but it was quite commonplace and really, I could have conducted the class myself at home with Alicia.

The lesson started with letting the kids play with a ball each for awhile to warm up then we were given some percussion instruments like the maracas, shakers, and other miscellaneous ones to play with throughout the lesson to various rhymes and songs. Could I have done it on my own? I pretty much think so. In fact, I would have included more activities that didn’t just centre round the same concept of moving and shaking percussion instruments to the beat. Bored I was with the lesson. And I think Alicia was too coz she was busy walking and crawling to various parts of the classroom to pull interesting stuff down to play while all the rest of the babies managed to remain in the circle. She was particularly in love with this plush toy dog and she pulled it down, hugged it, sat on it like it was a horse then hugged it again. Everyone was amused by her. But I think deep down inside they were irritated and annoyed coz she kept disrupting the lesson with her antics. Honestly I couldn’t quite bring myself to blame her either. And even though I think she was apprehensive and scared at her first lesson at Staccato, I believe she actually enjoyed herself better there. And I would think Staccato has more potential to teach little tots the fundamentals of music as it has more varied activities and covers a larger scope. Well, that’s just me critiquing the music lessons from my own standpoint. I’m sure there are parents who swear by Kindermusik. Perhaps I’m too quick to judge it. But well, I’m not going back there for now and for quite awhile.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna start work on making materials to teach Alicia music on my own… 🙂

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