First trip to the library and the first book we borrowed!

Alicia’s always been fond of books and I wonder if it’s because I’ve been reading to her since she was in the womb. Anyway, I brought her to Bukit Merah library last Friday to secure a place at the Fun with Tots programme on 11 Nov. It’s a story-telling session for children 1-3 years old. I’ve been wanting to introduce her to the library and I think a story-telling session would be a nice way to do so.

As I was perspiring like crazy after the walk from my place to the library, I decided to hang around in the library before leaving for home so I went to check out where the storytelling session will be held and also the children’s corner. I brought her to the area where the recommended books were for adults and kids and she fell in love with this particular book at first sight. She pointed at it and exclaimed loudly so I brought her nearer to the book and she took it off the shelf. This is the book she’s so captivated by:

I had a hard time trying to get the book from her hands to borrow it and of course she screamed and threw a tantrum like any other 15-mth-old. I tried my best to be quick with the process of borrowing and returned the book swiftly back into her little hands. And she really loved the book so much that she held it all the way home and she even tried to flip the pages while we were walking home. I had to explain to her that reading on the go is bad for the eyes… I had to peel it out from her grasp when we reached home as I wanted to give her a shower after the trip out and quickly put her to bed for her nap. Actually I was the one who needed the shower badly. Hee… 😀

Anyway, she pronounces “dog” as “dag” currently and initially I thought she was trying to say “cat” because it sounded like “cat” to me (she already knows how to say “cat” and can point to a picture of it and say it correctly). So I kept trying to tell her that’s not a “cat” but a “dog”. After listening more carefully, I realised that she said “dag” and I’m still trying to correct the pronunciation.

It’s a really colourful book and the illustrations are really nice. I’m thinking of buying it from as a Christmas gift for her (update: we really bought it for her!).
Anyway, it’s a story about Christmas so it’s kinda apt. I’ve already placed a bid for it last night and we’ll see how it goes. For now, we get to keep the library book till 20 Nov and maybe we’ll renew it after that.

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