My musically-talented darling…

Dancing, shaking and tapping to the rhythm… just a few things Alicia is fond of doing since she was young. Musically-inclined she is, or at least we hope. 🙂 I’ve been teaching her to move, groove and clap to the rhythm all this while and looks like she’s picked something up along the way! 🙂

She was ill when we took these videos… I had just put in the suppository for her just awhile before the videos were taken and her high fever had just subsided (for the moment).

Watch her animated dance!

If you know this Sesame Street song well enough in the next video (it’s her favourite song), you’d know that she is tapping to the beat (almost perfect timing!):

It is stated in the milestone chart from babycenter that only the more advanced toddlers at 17mths will be able to dance to music. Well, it just makes me wonder what is considered ‘real’ dancing in the toddler’s universe!

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