Doodle Art

I have been very keen to let alicia start on some form of art coz she has be doodling on her doodling board for quite a while. I thought that it might be fun for her as an activity and possibly fun for me too to see what my little darling can come up with.

I started her on her first art piece last Sunday at my mum’s place. Passed her a baby paint brush with a bit of water colour and just let her doodle on the paper. The water colour and brush are from a children’s book we bought from Borders which actually has step by step illustrations of how to paint some really simple pictures. Actually I wanted to wait till we got Crayola’s nontoxic fingerpaint from a supplier (cheaper than at the stores!) but I was so excited that I decided to just go ahead with the book’s paint. Hehe.

Here’s a pic of the book:

And here’s the first work of art. Ok, those wiggly lines and all were done by me when i was bored as alicia went off for awhile but the random strokes are all hers. I helped her sign off since she doesn’t know how to do it yet. hehe….

Finally, I got the nontoxic fingerpaint and crayons from the supplier last night so I got Alicia started on the crayons first. Went to buy drawing block from Popular last night too… haven’t bought drawing block for the longest time! haha… Anyway, here’s her masterpiece (she broke the pink crayon when she threw it and got smacked for that) and the art materials that i got for her. I haven’t started her on the fingerpaint as hubby says that he can’t imagine the mess so i’m just holding it back for now… heheh…

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  1. Stella says:

    Hi, I chanced upon your blog while looking for sensory play activities with my 11 months old. This is probably a little dated, could you share the supplier’s contacts and for that matter, perhaps you could do a post on where you primarily get most of your materials for crafts and play?

    • simplymommie says:

      Hi Stella,
      The pic of the first book, I got it at Borders. As for the supplier, she has stopped selling but crayola products are easily available at craft stores or departmental stores like Robinsons, Toys R Us. I get my art materials from Popular, Daiso and Art Friend mainly these days.

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