Alicia’s first class!

On Saturday, just before we brought her to the clinic for her MMR and chickenpox vaccination, we brought her for her first class of any sort! This was a free trial class at Staccato (a music school at Horse City). I was introduced to this place and given the opportunity of the free trial as I’m a reader of Brenda’s blog and this music school happens to be her friend’s. Thanks Brenda! ๐Ÿ™‚

We had trouble locating the place coz we kept thinking it’s at Turf City but it’s actually next door at Horse City so we had to drive back down the road and look for the place all over again. It’s really an interesting place where there are small little houses all tucked away at a really serene place. From being early to just on time, we became late for the class coz we had trouble locating the little house in the rain. Finally there was someone in sight who spotted us having trouble locating the place – a yoga teacher who only communicated with us through hand gestures through an open window. And finally, we were at the music school! It’s pretty new I guess coz there are no pianos in sight except for the one at the reception and the rooms/studios are still pretty empty, except for the room where Alicia’s class was conducted.

It was the first time she’s attending a class and I thought that she would immediately jump in and join in the fun coz the class was playing with scarves and using the scarves to draw shapes in the air while music played in the background. As we were late, the class had already commenced and coz the studio was quite small, daddies were asked to leave while mummies stayed with the little ones. Thinking that Alicia would wanna join in the fun, I removed her shoes (coz shoes weren’t allowed) and placed her on the carpeted floor for her to join the rest of the kids but she kept turning back and clinging onto me. But my brave little one didn’t cry despite the stranger anxiety and she just took a little while to warm up and in no time she was happy to let me hold her hands as she followed the rest of the kids to walk around in a circle. After playing with the scarves (which I believed she was hardly interested in), it was time to play with the ball. The kids were given a ball and asked to throw/roll the ball to a partner. But as the kids were all too young to have the concept of passing the ball to the partner, the professor decided that all should have their own ball and just play around with it. Hahaha… Here’s a short video of Alicia playing with a ball. You can still see the apprehension on her face at this point in the lesson:

After playing with the balls, it was time for flashcards and after that they were introduced to an African percussion instrument – which I can’t, regrettably, recall the name. They all had a chance to touch the instrument with their little fingers and make a few sounds with it under the guidance of the professor. Eventually, they were given a small piano but there weren’t enough to go around I think coz Alicia had to share it with a little boy who shoved her aside so he could have a go at the piano. We graciously let him play on the piano for awhile while I entertained Alicia with a tambourine that happened to be lying on the floor. After that, the boy’s mummy let Alicia have the piano and here’s a video of my little one enjoying herself:

I didn’t sign up for the class after the trial, not because I didn’t like the class or the professor but coz this is the first class that Alicia’s attended and I’d like her to experience a few more classes by different enrichment centres before signing up for a term. We wanna make sure that it’s a class that she really enjoys before we commit to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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