Feeding at 13 months (and beyond)

When Alicia turned 13 months, we brought her for her pneumoccocal booster jab. When I asked the doctor about her weight, he said she was at the 10th percentile and he advised me to either increase her food intake or supplement 1 milk feed with formula milk. Very reluctant to supplement her milk intake with formula (which she hasn’t had any for the past year), I decided that we had to increase her food intake (which really isn’t easy, but we had to try somehow). My hubby said that we should start giving her a bit of everything that we had (unless it was seafood or nuts) in the hope that she’d be a less picky eater. I agreed to do so, so Alicia started eating table food from this month onwards. This means that from this month onwards, there’s really nothing much to blog about since she’s just eating what we eat 🙂 I’d only blog about the food that I make specially for her from now on…

Eating table food also means that from this month onwards, she gets to taste the condiments used in our food. As long as the taste’s not too extreme, we let her try it. Has letting her try everything we eat worked in making her a less fussy eater? I would say that it has to quite an extent because she does seem more keen to try out our food every time we eat something. Whether or not she actually accepts what we’re eating is another issue altogether but well, it seems that she’s becoming less fussy this month. The best part this month? It’s gotta be her eating and loving rice! On a good day, she can eat up to 8-10 tablespoons of rice (more than what I used to eat during pre-preggie days!). I’m also quite sure that amount’s more than what my 21-year-old cousin eats… haha…
Here’s a picture of a typical dinner:

In the picture: rice, broccoli, cod with applesauce, quail egg, sweet potato (orange and yellow), a small piece of salmon and chicken without the sauce (from our dinner – I cooked stir-fried salmon in black pepper sauce and baked chicken that night)

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2 Responses to Feeding at 13 months (and beyond)

  1. Jumpy says:

    hihi! 8-10 tablespoon of rice?? not rice grains?

    btw, in this case, are u going to stop the 4 day wait rule?? when can we stop that actually?

  2. Angie says:

    not rice grains dear… I think neither my hubby nor i can finish so many spoons of cooked rice grains 😀

    Actually I stopped the 4-day wait rule already but I still keep track of the new food I exposed her to for the day. Technically if you want to be very careful, you should continue with the 4-day wait rule till the child is older. For me, I'm currently very particular about food that may contain nuts because I'm allergic to nuts and am afraid that she may have inherited that allergy… other than that and seafood, I'm not so uptight about her food anymore. Used to be very health-conscious about her food but I realised that that added to her pickiness about food 🙁

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