Dealing with Nursing Strike

When Alicia was about 4 months old, she went on a nursing strike for a few days after the jabs that she took in the 4th month. It was a terrible time and nursing her became a time for battle again.

A nursing strike is when a baby stops nursing abruptly.

Dealing with nursing strike, I tried the following methods during this period of time:

  • Feeding her when she’s sleepy/ just woke up
  • Feeding her in a different way such as feeding her and walking around at the same time
  • Offering the breasts often (I had to try very very hard not to make an issue of it when she refused me)

Fortunately, it didn’t last long (about 4 days!) and my milk supply didn’t drop much because I managed to coax her into drinking sometimes, especially when she was very sleepy. I would latch her on and give her dream feeds in order to maintain supply.

You can read the following (which I find useful) for more information on nursing strikes:

  1. kellymom – nursing strikes
  2. Is Baby Weaning or Is It a Nursing Strike? by Nancy Mohrbacher

Suffering from Latching Wars? Here’s my experience and some information which kept me sane and functioning.

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