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Many mummies tend to think that there are a lot of tools needed to prepare food for baby but really, there aren’t that many things! Here’s the list of what I prepared prior to starting my adventure with Alicia:

• baby cubes (for freezing puree)
This is something that I shouldn’t have bought on hindsight. Freezing puree in icecube trays with cover is a much more viable and economical alternative (I read from a forum that Daiso sells good icecube trays with cover as the cover is tight so it lowers the chances of contamination). Besides, when she started to eat more, these cubes weren’t enough anymore. After some time, these cubes became little tupperwares for defrosting icecubes of puree and for storing snacks on the go… pretty expensive for normal tupperware usage… but some people swear by them so it’s really up to your own preference. Anyway, after Alicia started to like her veggies cooked in stock, I started to use these cubes to store small amounts of stock so that I can thaw what I need for the day.

You can refer to these sites and
for information about freezing and thawing purees.

• food processor

Regarding the food processor, I must say that it was a mistake to have not simply bought a small blender instead. The food processor isn’t good enough for mincing up the harder food so I always had to do it manually. I didn’t want to use my blender for Alicia’s food as I use my blender for making rempah and I was paranoid that maybe that might contaminate her food… hehe…

Well, so if I could have a chance to go back in time, I’d probably have bought a normal blender. A highly recommended blender by some mummies is this:

• Tollyjoy food maker set

This food maker set was a gift from my piano teacher and I must say that it came in really handy when my food processor didn’t quite manage the job as well as I wanted it to. 🙂 This set also includes a plate, bowl and spoon so you don’t need to run out to get a separate set to feed your baby!

And yes, this is all that you need!

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