Fidgets indoor playground review

Fidgets is an indoor playground for children and babies at the Turf City and the first time we went there was for a gathering with other mummies (and daddies) from a forum. Unfortunately, we were too excited and forgot to take pictures of Alicia then. So here are the pictures of her the second time we brought her there. She simply enjoyed herself! 🙂 And since she can only play in the toddler area and not in the other section (which is quite mega and adrenaline-inducing), here’s what you can expect in the tot section.

Here’s the section where they have little cars:

I’m driving! I bet I drive better than mommie…

I kinda like this place!

Here’s the section for crawlers and cruisers… 😀

Taking a breather halfway…

Climbing to the top is hard work but look at the persistence written all over my face…

I’ve reached the summit!

It is said that all things that go up must come down… so I’m making my way down now… 😀

fidgets indoor playground reviewWalking along the sides is soooo fun!

Look! I’ve got the whole place to myself! Finally!

There’s also a ball pit area for the tots and there are a couple of structures for climbing/ sliding too there but because she doesn’t really like ball pits and there’s almost always some crying and clamouring there, we’ve not really had a chance to let her try it out.

I’m pretty sure she’d enjoy the larger play area when she’s older!

The food served here is quite decently priced – y’know, normal cafe prices and the coffees aren’t too bad. We did have a quick cuppa while we watched her from our table. But it wasn’t long before she crawled back to look for us. 😀 The staff were also pretty cool about us feeding her our own snacks at the table. Just make sure you do get a slice of cake or a drink for yourself!


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